CREST:CENSES - Center for Exploitation of Nanostructures in Sensors and Energy Systems (CENSES)

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Dr. Daniel L. Akins
CENSES PI & Director
Centers of Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) program, which makes resources available to enhance the research capabilities of minority-serving institutions through the establishment of centers that effectively integrate education and research.

CREST promotes the development of new knowledge, enhancements of the research productivity of individual faculty, and an expanded presence of students historically underrepresented in STEM disciplines.

Center for Exploitation of Nanostructures in Sensors and Energy Systems (CENSES) was established in 2008 with a $5 million grant (over five years) from the CREST Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF). This multidisciplinary center brings together faculty members, research scientists and engineers, graduate students and undergraduate students from the Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Physics Departments of the City College of New York.

CENSES also works with global partners in conducting cutting-edge research in the frontiers of nanomaterials and nanotechnology for applications developing sustainable energy technologies, and sensors for monitoring health, environment and national security.


CENSES Student, Stephen Ma, Wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
We are pleased to announce that a record 16 City University of New York (CUNY) students have been awarded 2012 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships


Research Highlights

A Microfluidics Obstacle Course is Used To Detect Bacterial Pathogens

Researchers at the City College of New York under an NSF-CREST center (CENSES) have developed a miniaturized sensor based on microfluidics technology to detect the presence of bacterial pathogens in food or water samples.


CENSES Publications

View recent publications from the CENSES Community.

View publications from the CENSES Community.